PreOr 2.1
Program PreOr allows manipulation and management of TrailO competition data (PreO and TempO) with using the SportIDENT even without it (paper control cards). Especially is useful in building the several kinds of result with multiday competition support. Competition may consists with PreO races, TempO races and its combinations up to 5 stages. Program allows putting the results to the internet online.


  • PreOr21.exe - program (no need to install, just run it)
  • PreOr2.pdf - program description (working on update)
  • preor-data.rar - sample data for multiday event (Kunka) and relay race (Stafety) + flags
  • - instalation package SIReader 2.7

    Older versions:

  • PreOr20.exe
  • PreOr2.pdf - program description

  • PreOr TempO Station


    Online tool for input Time controls data directly from Tempo station using any mobile device (phone, tablet, ...) with internet connection.


  • measuring time
  • record the answers
  • before save you can manually correct the record
  • direct publishing to internet
  • post-publishing (when week or no internet connection)

    Use your Username to manage your competition. Or you can use public username "OAuser". No sensitive data of your race is published (correct answers), tool only collects TC data for PreOr.

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